Saturday, November 17, 2007

Song of the Day

Led Zeppelin: Hots on for Nowhere
-- because I happened to be listening to it last night on Finetune.

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Anonymous said...

Wild Thing never can get the music. It comes through in little stottering bits. Not enough even to pick up the tune.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you notice I got through!!!!!!? Thought give it another try, and wow! Did the same thing as always.So go figure.I tried because yesterday I could not get through to dovetale on anonymous either. I shut off the computer, and tried again, and then it worked. Larry, you should write a song called "Computer Blues." Could be a hit!

I have a CD from a guy who holds jamming sessions at his home on Chestnut Street. He wrote the "Canadian Tire" song. It is so funny. His name is Jack Cole. His wife makes beautiful pottery.

Larry Keiler said...

Yes, I'm so happy to see Wild Thing gets thru! Hope it continues.

As for the stuttering music, I've had this same thing happen, but not all the time. When I read your comment, I tried it myself and it worked fine. I think it depends busy is the Internet, how busy is DivShare, etc. Sometimes the song does not load quickly. Sometimes it's almost instantaneous.

Anonymous said...

It came through some better right now. Still fell away too much. Anyhoo, the sound is really tinny.

I seldom take time to look for CD,s in the library. But the other day in the passing, One CD drew me in somehow. I picked it up to see what it was. It was in the blues section. Solomon Burke, Nashville. Never seen or heart of it before. I brought it home and really like it. Some songs I like extra are: Valley Of Tears, Up to the Mountain, and Does My Ring Burn Your Finger. Are you familiar with Solomon Burke's music?

wild thing

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