Monday, May 22, 2006

bad potes

even bad potes need a nite out
an occasional vacational
from riddim and rime
meter and time
and syntaxical crime

yessir bad potes need an escape
claws from their pockets
from lint in their bellies
dust bunnies and hellish
hot dogs and relish

why even bad potes need luvluvluv
cuz they can’t pote their way
out of wet paper bags
or pauper pote rags
or spell-chek flags

it ain’t easy bein bad
a dillery dallery drudge of a drag
from pillar to post
a merciless roast
the wretch the wreck the hungry ghost

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Anonymous said...

Try starting with the very last line reading up to the first line of that stanza. Then go to the top of the whole poem and read down. The word claws don't seem to fit where it is. What about 'bad poets need claws to escape from... ' ?

Lunch break! Coffee? Sandwich? Apple strudel? :)

Larry Keiler said...

My thought here is: bad potes need an escape (claws)
...extracting (others')greedy (clause) from their pocketses...
what has it got it in its pocketses yes my Precioussss...

Larry Keiler said...

and since i'm a BAD pote i kin spell claus any bloody way i like

Larry Keiler said...

I like your idea of reversing the last stanza and then going to the top...but then the pome ain't finished...can't end with spelchek flags can you?

Anonymous said...

Ah, it'd be an ending with character! My shortcoming. I failed to see claws for what they are. Guess there was a leak in my 'magination. You sure can spell what you say just any way you want, you bad pote you. You deserve the bad pote award. Just like that funny pianist who plays pieces wrong on purpose and is damned good at it, (What's his name again?) you got to be excellent to do it acceptably wrong.

And that's the truth (the whole truth) in pocketses, my Preciousssssss, yes.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys. You are soooooo funny. And wonderful.

I mean it! I love you both.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!