Wednesday, November 30, 2005

poor old Lucifer

poor old Lucifer
          deluded fool
who talked himself into
some kind of hell

you could shake your head
          at the irony of his name
for what light did he ever bring

but the reflection of pure mind?

poor old Lucifer
          couldn’t face
his conditional immortality

grasped instead
          at his sense of injury
thumbed his nose
then cut it off
just to make sure he was real

poor old Christians
          deluded too
by the thought of intrinsic evil

forgetting that god and light
          are one
and Lucifer light
and pure mind nothing but

poor old Christians
          solidify satan
inventing darkness for the sake
of light

inventing hatred for the sake of god

rather feel some compassion
for the bringer of light
who fooled himself into the dark

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Anonymous said...

Makes me think of Grendel, the beast in Nordic mythology who ruthlessly killed and devoured Danish (Or Swedish?) troops out to defend their homeland. I may not have the details correct, need to brush up on that. But Grendel comes over as the horrible, murdersome, much hated, despised demon.
John Gardner, the author of "Grendel" took his part. Grendel becomes the poor misunderstood victum, your heart goes out to him, you want to help him...

Can we do without the contrast of dark and light? Without having been in the dark could we appreciate light? Without winter could we be excited about spring?

I could list more but this makes the point. Behaviourwise, I think, it is up to us to keep dark and light, black and white, in balance, as in the dolphins in the circle sign, equally formed dolphins, one white with a black eye, and one black with a white eye. Nothhing is 100 % pure.Dark contains light and light contains dark. Call it good and evil. How could we know good if it wasn't for evil, how could we know evil if it wasnt for good. Christians, and not only them, set it into story with dark being named devil/satan... Lucifer, the summum of light, falling from grace and sinking into dark. Good stories. Universal. Hidden in people's psyches, coming out in different forms, according to geographical location and culture. So people build walls around them, called churches, solidify certain aspects of the story and make them law. Use scare tacticts to keep you in line, to keep you from deviating from their chosen part of the story.

Luckily there will always be people like John Gardner, like Larry Keiler to bring new awareness to the fact that all depends on how we look at it.

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