Monday, May 12, 2008


hum-tibetan2, originally uploaded by jayarava.

Tibetan calligraphy. Tough to do. Well, maybe not so tough, but you need proper instruments to really do it write. I've practised a little bit but all my calligraphy comes out looking like doodles. I'd like to learn to do it better. It's hard to do effective visualizations during meditation of syllables like this Hum. I imagine it would be easier if I knew how to draw it. Easier to recognize, easier to distinguish from other syllables, easier to remember.

Jayarava is pretty good. Check out his stuff here:

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Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of differently tipped calligraphy pens. If you are serious about wanting to experiment and familiarise,yourself with the images, you are quite welcome to them.

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