Friday, May 30, 2008

Cats Will Be Cats and Cats Play Theremin

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Anonymous said...

That tabby cat in the video Looks like Yona's identical twin. Looks and behaviour.

I get no music. I get a noise, when the picture changes to the next take,like a rooster with asthma.

Anonymous said...

What's theremin ?

Larry Keiler said...

WT, unfortunately, the cat isn't trained to actually play music on the Theremin. It just happens to be making noise on it. And the Theremin is the electronic instrument the cat is "playing".

You can hear actual Theremin playing on the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations. You know, the part that goes: oo-wee-oo oo-oo.

Anonymous said...

I suspected that it was the instrument. Just wasn't sure.

Can't recall that part on the Beach Boys. Gonna have to pay attention. Don't have the album, but it should come up once in a while on Oldies 1090. When I do boring house work, I usually have that station blasting at me.

Anonymous said...

It's strtange. This morning I first got the white cat playing the theremin. While I was watching it changed to the tabby cat. That's the one that is so much like Yona. Just now I went back to the video, and it was all the white cat. I clicked then on the nest picture, Cat and mini theremin, and there was the Yona look alike attacking that balloon. I laughed because that is just how Yona plays. So funny!

suszen said...

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