Friday, March 21, 2008

HHDL: The Devil in Gucci Shoes

Which of these two do you suspect of stretching the truth?
Which of these two commands respect by virtue of his actions?
Which of these two would you like to have as a next-door neighbour?

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KOFDirect said...

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Larry Keiler said...

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Normally, I would delete this. It's spam. But I checked the web page, and when you open it a voice comes on and gives a short plug for the product and the ease of ordering.

For some reason, I'm amused by it today. The audacity of placing spam like this, the sheer hopefulness behind it, makes me want to leave it there.

If you need Gucci running shoes, go there. Pay by Western Union. Your order will be shipped within two days. Thankew.

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