Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tejano Style

Larry just joined a Yahoo group for accordion players, which led him to this video from the Tejano Music Awards.

(Larry has temporarily adopted the third person, cuz who wants to admit he joined an accordion Yahoo group?)

Check out this video. The accordion player must have listened to every Flaco Jimenez recording ever made. A good that style. Larry thinks the gloves with the swoosh are a bit much though. Maybe he was nervous about being on TV? Cold in the theatre?

Larry doesn't know what to make of the choreography. The audience seems to like it.

The performer's name is Eddie Gonzales, who Larry assumes is the singer. Accordion player unknown.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Larry, that clip was amazing! Loved it. And those gloves? Pure style!

This, from a gal who still has her old accordion from when she was eight somewhere in the house....

Larry Keiler said...

Hey, you'll have to bring it out some time and play us a tune!

They should have given the sax player something to maybe trading off with the accordion player. If I were him, I'd have said forget it, you guys go dance, I'll have tequila in the green room...

Anonymous said...

Hey Larry,
That was a typical Tejano performance by Eddie Gonzalez and grupo Vida. If you enjoyed that accordian players performance, check out Jaime Deanda of Jaime and los Chamacos, and watch how he handles the squeeze box, pretty impressive.

Larry Keiler said...

Thanks, anon. I did so check him out. Very slick.

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