Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yoni School (US) Election Watch Pt. 4

Former vice president Al Gore is set to have a new book out in May. It will focus on how "the public arena has grown more hostile to reason," Gore's editor says. (By Paul Hilton -- Bloomberg News)

(The title of the book is said to be "The Assault on Reason", published by Penquin.)


Anonymous said...

History will ask the question about the smell of something rotten in the State of Florida.

Good people got pushed around. The last six years could have been very different.

Larry Keiler said...

Yesterday I was reading articles in the Washington Post about how people are very concerned about the new electronic voting system in the US. The system is not up to snuff yet. The machines can apparently be hacked. The safeguards are not all in place yet. People are not properly trained. Many of the states have regulations which require a paper trail as a backup. Which begs the question...why not just have paper ballots as the primary paper trail? I think, for the moment, the changes increase the possibility of a Florida moment.

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