Sunday, September 17, 2006


OK, so here's a revelation. I just spent some time browsing other blogs. On Live Journal, cuz even tho I don't use my LJ blog, I still keep it, because it's mine, it belongs to me and it's mine.

So I thought I'd check out other blogs and searched by category for, what else?, Buddhism. Checked two or three of them.

Conclusion: boring.

A bunch of people not really exploring Buddhism, but basically doing what I'm doing here...nattering on about their own tiny obsessions. Not interesting at all, unless you already know these people. That's the way it seems to me.

So now I have an idea what other people may think of this blog, those who don't already know me. Fortunately, those who know me love me beyond all measure, beyond all possibility of sanity, beyond boredom. Thankew all.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Yes, we love you!

But you know, you listen to US too - so that's what happens when there is a circle of friendship and caring. You offer a conversation. Come and listen to what I've been thinking. Add your thoughts.

I know what you mean, though. I'm setting up a website for myself, and checking other writers' sites, mmm.... not sure now what I want to do... some of them are pretty damn self-serving. Hey, look at me, I'm a "published" writer... whoopy-shit.

Oh my, did I say that??? LOL. Anyway, I'm exploring, trying to approach the website more like a book or magazine than a personal resume and promotional thing. It should be ready in the year 2029....

Larry Keiler said...

X! I have not used or heard the phrase "whoopy-shit" in quite some time. I think that could go in the slang dictionary alongside 23-skidoo.

On the other hand, maybe I say whoopy-shit so often I don't even realize I'm saying it anymore.

As for website...Hmmm...having your own website is by definition self-serving, no? Go ahead, serve yourself. The oil companies figured out a long time ago that's what we wanna do anyhow. And then there's that place in NYC, whassit called, or useta be called, the Automat? Serve yourself. Apple pie with ice cream. Ham sandwich on a plate, pickle on the side. Lift the little glass door. Soive yerself.

Larry Keiler said...

Come ta think of it, you could call your site the Xenamat.

Anonymous said...

Is a blog to entertain like TV, a movie or a video game?

Or it is peek inside? What’s shakin inside...

Each crafted word and thought is mindful activity with a sense of humour.

Butterfly wings on an electronic current...

Hmmm a memo to God?

To God:
From Shakin'

The world is beautiful and funny, thank you. However there are a few ass-holes running around with bombs and guns. We're sorry about that. But hey Buddhism is on the rise in North America so it is written in YAHOO. George’s New World Order and the companion of infantile ARROGANCE is good for increasing the buzz of Buddhism.

We are trying to get our act together, a few more centuries should do it.

Anonymous said...

There is an Oprah magazine. Maybe Marianne/Xena's magazine could be called Fern Magazine. Introduce it with the poem about Fern, Dahlia, and...I forget, something yellow, sunflower? Nah.

Your own personal webside is likely self serving in the way that it may lead to requets for publication, or make you more known to publishers so their mind gets a jolt reading your name, leading to paying more attention?
And that is what you would want.

At the same time it can be a focus on good writing, not only your own. Giving your view point, highlighting writing/writers from your perspective, will invite discussions. I think that's what you want too. Emphasis on literature.

Swapping jokes, getting corny, acting like fools, sound like you never grew up, is another very attractive aspect. How else find balance. We run into so many serious, depressing situations.

And then, in tired, lonely moments, everyone having so little time, being swamped with wahtever it is we chase after in life, isn't it nice to go into cyber space, and find friends?

There, I gave you my plusses for websites and blogs.

Anonymous said...


Is creating a book self-serving? Maybe. I like to think of it as self-expression. That's how I am approaching this website. Like creating a book.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wasn't the one to come up with the words self-serving. I wouldn't have thought of it. Self-expression sounds kinder. You are creatively driven. That needs to be expressed, whatever form lents itself to it. You want to be out there and share, give and receive. You serve others as well as yourself. Everyone interacting with you, especially your friends in the writers world, benefit from your unique way of looking at life.

I guess there is no way of getting away from always being, in a way, self-serving. We are stuck with our egos. Hard to escape them, pretend they are not. And how could we give to others, if we didn't nurture ourselves first? You have to come out with your creativity, any form that takes, and receive recognition, to gain the confidence to give more.

Ahum, the oracle has spoken. The wild thingy oracle, and that ain't Greek.

Larry Keiler said...

Larry loves it when the Buddha speaks. Larry loves all his Buddhababy Dharmabums. Greek, Fernacular, Shakenbake. Pay attention Fern. They know whereof they speak, even if not whyof.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!