Saturday, March 25, 2006

Notes on Emptiness #10

Struck by the danger of thinking "All is emptiness..."
the folly of concluding "It doesn't matter..."
it matters immensely
the immensity of matter
the minuteness

it's the air we work in
the water we wade through
empty wet
the words we say
empty meaning
the actions we take
empty relations

the cause and effect
bricks empty but liable to bruise

it matters

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Anonymous said...

everything matters
even emptiness
if it weren't for matter
there would be
no such thing as

emptiness confirms matter

Anonymous said...

How about the emptiness outside of emptiness?

Larry Keiler said...

How about the fullness within emptiness, the potential it carries?

Anonymous said...


But emptiness filled with potential isn't really emptiness, is it?

How about the emptiness outside of that? Is there such a thing? (HAHAHAH. And if it is a thing, it isn't empty!).

Larry Keiler said...

OK, but emptiness ain't a thing. It's an absence.

So we must assume, then, that Proust was imbibing emptiness with his glass of absence, sitting immersed in thought at a little round table in a corner of Montmartre.

Anonymous said...

What is cannot be empty. Can it? A glass is either half full or half empty. Empty of water, but not of air. Some things get vacume sealed. No air inside. But there is something inside that needed vacume sealing. So maybe empty is just an empty phrase. When we feel empty inside, doesn't mean we are empty. Lots of guts there and so. But no imagination, no ambition, no attractions. Is void the word meant to describe absolutely nothing? Something no form of life as we know it can comprehend?

Help! I've written and I can't get up!