Monday, June 13, 2005

Mad Cows

From an article in the NY Times on June 11/05 reporting on the discovery of an American mad cow, possibly one that was not fed in Canada:

Beef has soared to record prices in American grocery stores, and meatpackers have struggled from the lack of Canadian cattle they normally count on.

What a weird world, eh? A few months ago the US farmers convinced that judge in where was it? Wisconsin? Minnesota? One o them there border put the stall on reopening the border. Hole up there, Bessie! So what have we got? Americans suffering. Canadians suffering. Cows suffering. Cows most of all, I guess.

I still cannot comprehend what flaming idjit decided it was a good idea to feed a bunch of ruminants meat byproducts. And how the hell did he convince anyone else?

But having said that, I bet we're going to find in the not too distant future that the US has been lying all along about the incidence of BSE in that country.


Anonymous said...

Mad Monks - I wonder if Chogyam Trungpa ever ate beef?

Trungpa would have handled Hunter S easily. I like to write a conversation between Trungpa and Hunter S.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the cows are angry, er, mad. Myself, I'd be furious.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!