Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Will the real Belinda please stand up?



Larry Keiler said...

Larry says Larry hasn't figured out how to make a real link so you'll just have to copy and paste until he learns his way around.

Larry Keiler said...

Larry sez if you go to .ca you'll notice there's nuttin dere but da pitcher. ie. no substance

Anonymous said...

Belinda was a masterpiece of strategy that was beautifully executed. Her survival and well being may be interpreted in endless ways. What is better is that it was done with an exquisite tinge of malicious humour. Self-indignant and self-righteous Neo-Conservatism can’t stand the whimsical or the humour of the situation they themselves brought about.

Anonymous said...

Poetry, Politics and Sex

Well there are many reasons we pay particular attention to breasts. After all interest in breasts and female genitalia did populate a planet. Without that interest Einstein would never had been born. But you have to wonder, if Einstein was publishing his formula today of E=MC² would it ever reach the light of day. In today’s competitive climate of grabbing attention he might have to write the formula on bikini clad model for anyone to take notice.

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