Friday, December 14, 2012


Oh my god! It's been a year and more since I last posted on this blog.

So, since then I have aquired a Samsung Galaxy tablet, and tonight I pondered the idea of writing some extended pieces on it, just to see how feasible that might be. Not so much, I think. The pop-up keyboard is not suitable really for what we used to call touch-typing. This means that text entry is more onerous. The word-processing function seems a little wonky to me. I've had this thing for months and I'm still not really sure how the copy/paste works. No instructions came with it, and everything I know how to do on this thing I've learned by trial and error. Mostly error, and it has been sort of a trial.

Nevertheless, I'm spending a fair bit of time on the tablet, so maybe I'll spend some of it typing on this blog.

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