Monday, October 22, 2007

BFB Impersonates Oktoberfest Band

Here are a few photos of BFB during Oktoberfest.

Phil In, Drummerguy, who replaced Helmet admirably for the 9 days, Helmet being temporarily unavailable cuz he was impersonating the president of the Lunchbucket Oktoberfest Committee.

Dozey (trumpet), HWSRN (accordion & keyboards) & Sonja (Jodelette)

BFB with Canada's Polka King, Uncle Wally Ostanek

Audience members perform the Polka Head Salute during the world-famous BFB Hokey Pokey

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Anonymous said...

Sheesh, Larry, you look positively TRIM & SLIM in those photos. Have you been working out? Dieting? Have you doctored the photos? Or ar you just trimmer and slimmer than HWSRN?

You're looking great!

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