Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What's Bugging Me Now

A rough drawing of the bug climbing up my water bottle in the early morning.


Anonymous said...

What can one say about a bug climbing on a water bottle just three quarters of an hour after midnight? Did the bug come in out of the rain? But why, if he did, was he attracted to a water bottle? Why, if he fled heavenly water, was he flirting with water in bottle?

So far I haven't said anything about the bug with an oval for a body, a tiny circle for a head and six scrawly legs. Just stated more questions.

Hard to tell from Larry's master piece of art what kind of bug it is.

Makes me think about the art I've seen from a eight year old boy in grade three who's assignments was to draw cicus animals. Every new page in the booklet held an animal in a cage. There were a giraffe, an elephant, a tiger, a leopard, a lion, a dog... It was good the kid identified each animals in writing, underneath. All animals were the same size consisting of an oval body, a round head, four scrawly legs and a tail, sticking out from the back. Must give credit where credit is due. The elephant had also a tail to his front.

Now I can well understand on a day like today, anyone wanting to come in out of the rain. Not just bugs. It is a Noah kind of rain. Hey, that makes me think. Were there bugs on Noahs ark? I don't remember them mentioned, or ever see them pictured or be present in Noah's ark toys. How did they survive? Can all bugs swim?

Simon, you know, wt's dog, chose the flood to feel sick. About ten times since about five o'clock in the morning, I have been going in and out of the rain with him, getting soaked. On account of a sore under his cheek, I have to try to keep him dry. He is surrounded by a battlefield of towels and a hair dryer. The washer and dryer provide the music in the house this morning.

What you do with the bug, Larry? Does he have a family? Is he a loner? do you keep him for a pet?

Larry Keiler said...

Noah's ark: warn't ther sumpin about havin a pair of every kind of animule? Thet wd include bugs, no?

Imagine Noah sayin, Jeez God, do I haf ta have fleas?

Pat Simon on the haid oncet fer me, OK wt?

I left the bug to his own devices. I talk ter them bugs, like spiders n crickets been hangin out in the garage, and I say, "lissen, this ain't a good place to stay, no food, no company 'cept fer me and my noxious tabaccy...." When I went down later fer my final smoke afore passin out, buggy was gone, hiding in the jungles of garage debris no doubt.

Larry Keiler said...

Come ter think of it, buggy warn't originally on the water bottle. I think I disturbed him as he was going fer me smokes!

Anonymous said...

Yes, two of every kind. But that would also include fish, whales, sharks, shrimp... They can swim. Not all bugs can swim. Wasps do drown. Lady bugs and flies too. Wonder how Noah got along with lice and bed bugs. Are bed bugs fleas or is that another species? You said fleas allready. I wonder if there were ant eaters, wallebees, and Tasmanian devils? (Oh, oh would God allow devils?)You never see those in the pictures, but maybe in Australia and new Zealand? Like Jesus is black in Africa?

40 Days afloat is a long time. Bunnies multiply fast. So do mice.

So bugs do smoke, Larry, in your place. What do they smoke? cigarettes, pot, peace pipe?

I don't have a garage, so bugs hang out about the house. Spiders, earwigs, ants, flute flies, (or is that fruit fries?)I often save them from drowning in the bathtub. Maybe I should build a bug ark, bark for short.

Simon appreciate pat on head. Simon says, "more".

It must've been a big ark. Xena probably remembers the measures. so many cubits... Still, it seems to me that they must've shrunk the animals. Only two elephants, two hippos and two wales, full size, would have probably filled the space.

Rain reigned today.

Anonymous said...

No, Xena doesn't remember. She could look it up, but then that wouldn't be remembering...

Okay, speaking of spiders, today there was a very big one in the corner of Xena's house - it had built a dense web with a giant tunnel in the centre of it - a very unusual web. Anyway, Farley Dog went sniffing along and ate the spider, just like that. Gulp. Spider gone. Web empty. Farley none the worse for wear with a spider crawling around in his belly, at least until the stomach acids got rid of it. Hey, that's certainly a lesson in impermanence for all you Buddhists out there.

I have a feeling that a lot of animals did just fine without Noah and his ark... especially the whales and shrimp and such. Indeed, I think they kinda enjoyed the 40 days and 40 nights.... with mankind all huddle together in one spot and therefore not a threat...


Larry Keiler said...

Oh that Farleydog! Not exactly a discriminating palate eh? The vintage Chateaudix Nuit St. Wogga Wogga would gurgle down his gullet unnoticed, unappreciated. BTW, I know a dog who eats grapes. And pretty much anything else. Don't wanna give him too many grapes though. You wouldn't have to take him for a run...he'd take himself.

Help! I've written and I can't get up!