Monday, August 07, 2006

Momentary Update

It's been some time since I posted and will be a bit longer yet while I ride the Dharma wave with Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Stay tuned for stories. Can't do much right now. Too busy. Too frazzled.

Not only that. When it rains it pours. Another of my teachers, Geshe Kalsang, is in Hawgtown for a few days and tomorrow I'm going to visit him too.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, there you are! Missed you. Hope you are pleasantly frazzled. Is that possible? Does frazzle contain pleasure within? What does frazzle really mean? Coming apart at the seams? Could be from being too filled with anything then, pleasures included? Just finished reading a book called Buddah Boy. Interesting presentation of non-violence and what it takes and where lies the breaking point.

Anonymous said...

what is the meaning of life oh buddah boy (oh you, the batman of enlightenment..the hero of the masses ..cept for catholics of course)...ohhh nevermind..jerry springer just came on and he can tell me. ty..verne

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