Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Visiting Teacher

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Larry's back! Been off meditating?

Larry Keiler said...

Well, no, but I did spend Easter Sunday with members of the family...we spent a good deal of time talking about The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and related issues. Mother was not all that pleased...good Catholic, eh? I didn't have the heart to also tell her that much of the Buddhist thinking is strongly Gnostic...anathema (well, heresy anyway) to the Roman Catholics...She surely wonders what went wrong...one son a Buddhist, the daughter a follower of an esoteric cult known as the Emen. Sheesh! What's wrong with that good old-time religion!

Larry Keiler said...

BTW, please note the note at the bottom of the ad. Benefactors encouraged. We're looking at a $20,000 bill to bring this Rinpoche to Canada.

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