Monday, October 10, 2005

Speech by Al Gore

Click the title to go to a speech Al Gore gave to the We Media Conference in NYC on Oct. 5.

I think the American people made a huge mistake when they failed to elect Al Gore in 2000. And I think Al Gore made a huge mistake when he didn't fight hard enough to prevent that election from being stolen.

(Making assumptions. I assume the election in Florida was seriously rigged.)(Assuming also that Al Gore was too decent an individual to get down in the mud with assorted Bushes. I suppose that would ipso facto make him ineligible to be president.)

Meanwhile, I wish to hell Al Gore would work on getting the Democrats to say something intelligent, do something intelligent, pull themselves together...can you imagine Dick Cheney as president?

And, by the way, what does ipso facto really mean? Is that Latin, like tempus fugit and veni vidi vici et tu Brute?

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