Monday, February 28, 2005

A Tale of Two Clocks

OK, so I have two alarm clocks. One is a digital clock more than 20 years old and works like a top. I have it set at the correct time. The other is a clock with hands, no feet, cheap from China, cost a buck at Dollarama and works like topsy-turvy. That clock I have set ten minutes ahead. Both the alarms are always set for 6am, except when I don't want them to go off at 6am, in which case I set them for whatever time I want them to go off. But the Chinese alarm is unpredictable. To make it ring at 6am I have to set the little alarm hand (no foot) for just before 6. And then it goes off whenever it feels like, any time between 5:45 and 6:05. There's no marker for the half-hour. If I set it for 6:30, I could be setting it for 6:40 for all I know. Sometimes the cheap Chinese goes off after the ancient digital, which really upsets my sense of snooze. And Penny don't like it neither, 'cause she still thinks I only have one alarm clock. But I couldn't survive on just one. Anyway, now I'm just starting to ramble.....

Sorry I'm late.

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